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Some dried egg products are pasteurized by heating in the dried form.

While inspected pasteurized egg products are used to make freeze-dried egg products, imitation egg products, and egg substitutes, these products are not covered under the EPIA and are under FDA jurisdiction.

Federal and state governments, the egg industry, and the scientific community are working together to solve the problem.

Candling is the process of using light to help determine the quality of an egg.

[Back to Top] What safe handling instructions are on egg cartons?

All packages of raw, shell eggs not treated to destroy [Back to Top] Who is "at risk" for eating raw or undercooked eggs?

Advanced technology, utilizing computerized integrated cameras and sound wave technology, is also being applied for the segregation of eggs. Department of Commerce's 1990 Sanitary Food Transportation Act requires that vehicles be dedicated to transporting food only.

[Back to Top] How are eggs transported safely to stores? On August 27, 1999, FSIS made effective a rule requiring: [Back to Top] What is included under the Egg Products Inspection Act?

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They are rapidly heated and held at a minimum required temperature for a specified time.

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