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We live in a freezing cold house and I can imagine snuggling up with the girls — all of us zipped up snug in onesies — to watch a film.

Venturing out into the big, wide world, however, is another matter.

The woman behind the make-up counter at Chanel is giving me a bemused look — or is it one of utter disdain?

I have just asked her if she can suggest a lipstick to compliment my outfit and she is momentarily lost for words.

I usher the girls in and suddenly, all eyes are on us.

As I ask her for a bra in my size, I can tell that she’s trying hard not to look me up and down, but she just can’t help it.I disappear into the changing room and it’s there I discover the onesie’s greatest strength when you are shopping for clothes: one zip and you’re out. After a day out in a onesie, I am quite used to this. I even hear one woman exclaim: ‘Don’t they look cool,’ as we walk by. She looks way better than I do, but still, it’s not a good look and I feel rather nervous.The lift spits us out straight into the women’s wear department in House of Fraser.

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