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With each increase in emotional attachment you should add commitment.If you do this, you will get married fairly quickly. And when you can guard your heart no longer, it’s time to get married so you don’t need to guard your heart towards this person anymore as you once did in the dating relationship. In Christian Dating, You Should Have Boundaries Around Talking About Your Futures Together Just like your emotions, planning for the future together in your Christian dating experience should coincide with increased levels of commitment.

It brings immense joy when two people date and then have their “desire fulfilled” if they decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together. You want to open up enough for the person to really get to know you. You want to get the most out of the dating experience to see whether marriage is in the cards (which I believe is the healthiest goal of dating).But you also don’t want to get too emotionally entangled with someone you might not marry, thus you still need to guard your heart since dating is not a commitment for a lifetime like marriage.So again, the whole experience of dating as a Christian is unavoidably precarious because you are constantly in danger of erring on the “too conservative side” or the “too liberal side.” Don’t ask me what conservative boundaries or liberal boundaries in Christian dating would look like. If you asked one Christian guy to make two lists, one describing conservative values in dating and another list describing liberal boundaries in dating, and then you asked another guy to do the same thing, I have no idea what they would each include.

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I reserved these words for my proposal with my wife.

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