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They don't know who their teens are talking to and what information they're giving out, and that's a scary thought.What can be an even scarier thought is that parents don't actually know how they act.We believe this because we observed kids in various classes and we saw that most of the kids will pull their phones out, during class, and check them at least a couple times.What parents don't know is that instead of using their phones for homework, teens are using them for Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, Instagram, and other social media.In another study done by CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE at the London school of economics found that test scores were 6.41% higher when cellphones were prohibited.They also found that lowachieving student's test scores rose 14.23%We did a survey and asked 2025 teens between the ages of 1518, some questions including what they thought was more important technology or homework and the results were pretty consistent with what we thought.

So she gave out some of her own personal information only to find out that he was much older then he claimed to be and he was a registered sex offender and pedophile.They also text, listen to music, and watch youtube videos during class, when they should be doing homework.In some research found online, we found that one teacher at Lowell High quit because she found it difficult to try and teach her kids when they were constantly on their phones.Needless to say, the police got involved and the man was arrested.I cannot say that I am surprised that this happened. Because we love the feeling of being able to say anything we want without the consequences.

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There's a lot about social media that parents don't actually understand.

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