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In urban centers, migration, population growth, and the establishment of financial institutions meant that the old system — with economic relations closely connected to social functions — was reformed faster than in the countryside.

From the late eighteen and the early nineteenth century, economic development also required more capital and financial exchange for further investments.

The panel discusses about ideological education from the point of view of nation-building in Finland and Estonia in the 1920’s and the 1930’s.

After the collapse of the imperial Russia in 1917 both countries reached independence and fell to civil war.

Sedan Kyrkan från början av 1800-talet förlorade mark i Europa har den dock haft stora framgångar i andra världsdelar och har idag närmare en miljon medlemmar världen över.

När Brödrakyrkan, ”Herrnhutismen”, grundades år 1727 i Herrnhut, Sachsen, fastslogs att den var en arvtagare till en historisk kyrka erkända av reformatorer som Luther och Calvin.

Syftet med rundabordssamtalet är att påbörja en diskussion om den ”andra reformationen” och starta en process med syfte att initiera ny forskning om Herrnhutismen utan nationella skygglappar. Historians Without Borders (HWB) is based on an association with the same name, established in Finland in 2015 and working as the secretariat of the international network.

The network, consisting of historians and politicians, aims at promoting a dialogue and cooperation between academic historians, media and political actors, at pursuing an internationally open and free access to historical materials and sources and at counteracting misuse of history in different parts of the world.

Early modern credit markets were part of social networks.

These occasions and experiences influenced the unity of nations; understanding on one nation with common culture and values splintered into winners’ patriotic and losers’ socialist values.

The panel focuses on formal and informal nation-building strategies, which were directed toward younger generations and were put into operation in the fields of civic education and culture in both countries.

Dessa anspråk skapade konflikter som mycket kom att handla om namnet.

I kärnområdet (de tyska staterna och Nederländerna) kallas den för ”Neue Brudergemeine”.

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Nätverket bestod av byar, mindre städer, missionsstationer, diasporaarbetare, mindre celler av väckta anhängare etc.

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