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“It was horrible,” says Stimpson, a friend of Susan’s.“She was always so alive and so friendly.” Reggie Varner, who was married to Susan for 16 years, was charged that night with the double murder.Haggis is a Scottish dish made from sheep's windpipe, lungs, heart and liver.The parts are then mixed with beef suet and oatmeal.“Everybody loved Reggie,” says Prince Edward County Sheriff Travis Harris. We just don’t know why he did this, and quite frankly, I don’t think we ever will.” Even so, it’s clear that for many years Reggie Varner’s relationship with Farmville’s most famous daughter had been troubled.According to those who knew him, Reggie, who grew up in the area and met Susan when they were young adults, had become increasingly resentful as Susan and her mother’s boutique grew ever more successful.

If you’re going for the stereotype then stick to it: shirt tucked in, skirt/trousers according to school rules, and those awful clumpy black shoes your mum made you wear.

Started on a whim a decade ago, Suzi’s Antiques had, within the last several years, blossomed into a nationally recognized source of hard-to-find vintage clothing, propelling the women into a rarefied world populated by new friends such as June Carter Cash and Donna Karan (both of whom sent flowers to Varner and Arena’s July 8 funeral).

“Reggie was incredibly jealous of the close relationship between Susan and Suzanne,” says Frank Arena, who is convinced Reggie Varner committed both murders.

The first hint of trouble surfaced when Farmville police officer Chris Fishburne pulled over a speeding car—and spotted an ax with drops of blood on it in the passenger seat.

At first Fishburne took the unkempt and clearly distraught driver for a stranger.

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