Guide to dating a computer geek

Gamers will spend 52 sleep-deprived hours playing multiplayer games on the same network, competing against each other, swapping stories while slaying dragons, and questing together.

r Age (the really Awesome Rush aims to bring a number of different esports tournaments and activities together under one roof.You won’t find one pre-installed, but Microsoft will gladly sell one to you — for . Then there’s the disappearance of the optical drive. VOB files, it doesn’t auto-resize videos with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and you can’t choose alternate audio tracks and subtitles. For one thing, there’s the current cost of the Windows 10 upgrade. The licenses Microsoft has to secure to enable DVD playback in their OS?Come and support this growing industry, and discover what esports is really all about! It’s not as though the game was hard to find in the Windows Store.

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