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Mark (Prin Suparat) was born in Chiang Mai, but grew up in Lampang.

He received 1st place medal from Judo competition when he was in 12th grade, and is in the Judo team for Rungsit University.

It was reported that on December 15, 2011 in the early morning, Pooklook Fonthip was taken to the hospital to diagnose her eyes condition.

She hurt her eyes badly and decided to go for checkups when she couldn’t open her eyes.

She was also ready to plead with her fanclub not to anti the other leading actress because she wants them to respect Mark’s decision. Are you heartbroken that he didn’t pick you, but picked else instead? But whatever the case, whoever wants to open their heart or whatever that’s their personal business. Do you want to send a message to your fanclub asking them not to anti Mo? I have my own personal work and she has her own work too.

Right now the news claims that you broke up with Jett so you can date Mark, something along these lines I’ve already told you there’s nothing going on between P’Mark and me. We still talk and seek advice from each other, just like before.

She become a lead actress again during 2012 in the lakorn Nuer Mek 2 and later in 2013 was casted in another big series for Ch 3, Suphap Buroot Juthathep.

She is best known for her role in that lakorn as Piengkwan where she captured many viewers with her portrayal of the beautiful, sympathetic but strong hearted dancer.

His entrance and debut break into the Entertainment/Acting field begun after he was scouted by a manager working for Channel 3.

People are still keeping a watchful eye on the relationship between the two costars “Kim Kimberley” and “Mark Prin,” because after the male side gave an interview announcing that he’s in the process of studying Exact’s leading actress “Mo Monchanok,” rumor has it that Kim’s experiencing an extreme case of losing her face since Mark refuses to choose her even though she made an effort to break up with producer boyfriend “Jett Nattapong” so she can date Mark outside the small screens.

At the latest event, she came out to deny the rumors, claiming no truth to it, since between the two of them are only sibling status. Right now he came out and gave an interview saying that he’s talking to Mo, how does this make you feel? I only have you the media coming to tell me he’s dating Mo just like the news is saying. Now there’s a group in your fanclub that anti Mo because they want Mark to only pair with you It’s not up to that point yet because P’Mark hasn’t said she’s his girlfriend.

about the big feud between former gang friend between “Mint Chalida” and “Kim Kimberley”. Kao jai (glue) is probably not available too because everyone is working (laugh).

It looks like things are getting better but recently there is abuzz gossip that Kim doesn’t want to accept anything that contacts her to work with the 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khon Kao gang with reason that Mint’s name is in there. Do you personally want to invite everyone together? It looks like you guys are divided and taking side? Has there been any other celebrity friend asking about your gang? The year is coming to an end, what is your plan with friends?

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