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Wisdom plays Norman Pitkin, a simple butcher's assistant who accompanies his boss, Mr.Grimsdale (Edward Chapman) to the hospital after Grimsdale accidentally swallows a watch.

A film egy lmoktl, dicssg- s kalandvgytl vezrelt fiatalember trtnete, aki egy hatalmas birodalom magnyos uraknt hunyt el.There, it is determined that the watch will have to be removed surgically, but the clumsy Norman causes such a ruckus that he is ejected from the facility and banned from returning by the administrator, Sir Hector (Jerry Desmonde).Before he leaves, however, Norman manages to bring a smile to the face of Lindy (Lucy Appleby), a sad little girl who has been orphaned by a plane crash.Grimsdale Jeannette Sterke - Nurse Haskell Jerry Desmonde - Sir Hector Hardcastle Jill Melford - Lady Brinkley Glyn Houston - St Johns Corporal Hazel Hughes - Butchers shop assistant Patsy Rowlands - Nurse Peter Jones - St Johns Captain Ernest Clark - Professor Cranshaw Vera Day - Betty Frank Williams - St Johns Ambulance driver Penny Morrell - Nurse Rudkin Patrick Cargill - Dr.Meadows Francis Matthews - Benson Pamela Conway - Woman Patient Danny Green - Ticehurst Johnny Briggs - Teddy Boy John Blythe - Dale Nico Toscanini, az egyszer chicagoi zsaru, Vietnmban a CIA embereknt "klnleges szolglatot" teljestett.

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Takeshi Kitano who, along with directing some of the most acclaimed films of the 1990s, appears on four television shows, writes a number of newspaper columns, and somehow finds the time to crank out a book or two a year takes a break from his trademark two-fisted yakuza sagas such as Violent Cop to spin this restrained and very quiet drama about a deaf young man named Shigeru (Kurodo Maki) and his girlfriend, Takako (Hiroko Oshima).

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