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So while I celebrate black business innovation, and proof offered that we are capable of more than shucking and jiving, it is tempered knowing that this man did so at my sister’s expense.I refuse to give props to a black man who got rich because of his vitriolic hatred of my image and perpetrated violence and murder within his own community.I thoroughly examined the phenomenon some time ago.As one public health scientist who has studied it noted last year: And there have been numerous reliably-conducted studies and reports affirming this.

(This is something I tried to figure out a few years ago, with mixed results.) Today, there’s a movement afoot to brand these people as “deniers.” This language police campaign is unbecoming.

Those who flatly deny the results of climate science do not partake in any of the above.

They base their conclusions on a priori convictions.

Theirs is an ideological conviction—the opposite of skepticism. Anyone who reads the most highly trafficked “climate skeptic” blogs, such as the one run by Anthony Watts, will detect a consistent ideological bias and a skepticism that runs in only one direction–broadly doubtful of mainstream climate science.

The criticisms published there are often slanted, marred by conspicuous omissions or a selective use of facts.

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