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You need TIME in with a woman but unfortunately, most men RUSH INTO REJECTION. A lot of guys "relax and change" once they have the relationship locked in.

THREE: Treat the right girl right A lot of guys can get women to fall in love. The same fun guy that took her dancing and to interesting weekend destinations now plays poker with the boys on their former date nights and asks her to serve sandwiches to his friends. She is not your best buddy nor is she your loyal pooch.

You should look for a woman with a flexible personality that is a giver and is self-reliant.

Click the link and you will get access a free dating women radio show that has lots of great dating advice for men. Stevens is the co-host of The Doc Love Show: Understanding Women For Men Only, heard on several US radio stations and online.The gentleman has the "I do not need you, you need me" attitude with women that is displayed in his actions and reactions to her.FIVE: Keep in mind dating is like sales and you should only pursue your "hot" leads Out of all the women you talk to, only a few will be long term candidates. We tell guys on the show all the time that "women help you when they like you."This would seem obvious, but to a lot of guys it is not.Another thing guys do is start to make her mama or the psychiatrist as they get more serious with her.We will discuss this in the next tip but women like it light and funny. Guys that make her mama or the psychiatrist put her in a position that she does not want to be in, plus she cannot perceive you as a man to be in love with if you continually whine to her.

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Gentlemen are also a mystery and a challenge to women.

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  1. They were truly the perfect fit, and we're so excited with how they brought this mission and a conversation about dating to life.” The campaign was developed by the Wieden Kennedy New York advertising agency.